KOCO is on a mission to handknit the world together.
Our principles stem from our three-word core passions: Experience, Connect, Transform.
Our goals are aligned with the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
We are a human-powered business
Part of our mission is to transform lives: the lives of our artisans and their families, and the lives of our customers. Each garment comes with the story of the artisan and how hand-knitting with KOCO is changing her life. While we are a for profit business, we are guided by our values:

1. Fair work

Our knitters are paid 20% more than the minimum wage in the industry. In Tamil Nadu we lift our staff and the villages we enter from the education and financial independence for women in every village we enter.

2. Health and wellbeing

We provide regular eye testing and glasses if required. We also provide clean bathrooms and buy clean drinking water to make sure our ladies are well hydrated.


The art and science of handknitting, in addition to honing a discipline which is no different to becoming an outstanding athlete, requires significant education in mathematics and English. Our makers learn these skills at work then pass them on at home.


We employ women because, in the rural villages of India women have very few to zero education and employment opportunities. Our view is that if a woman in a rural village wants to learn to knit and join our team, she is welcome.
Many of our customers believe strongly in fair trade, as we do. We publish an audited summary of our accounts annually that consistently show 50% of our revenue pays our Indian expenses, (25% for wages and the remaining 25% for operations). The remaining 50% goes to global operations, wages, and marketing.



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