We manufacture by hand, and sustain our people by supporting their personal development and artisan skills. KOCO is about changing lives and connecting people through hand knitting.

  • We invest our profits in the people who are growing our business – primarily our knitters in India.
  • We drive sales to employ more women in India to give education and stable employment.
  • Our hand-knitted garments come with a story and consumers can connect with it via our swing tags. Consumers know who made their clothing. 
  • Brands can market their garments because of our transparent manufacturing process.
  • Our hand-knitting hubs welcome brands, industry representatives, volunteers and visitors to see how we operate. Our manufacturing process for the fashion industry is something brands can share with their customers because it empowers people.
  • We are building a highly skilled team of hand knitters who love coming to work, are supported with counselling and ongoing training. We grow their skills in becoming not only world-class hand knitters, but managers able to handle the running of operations in India.
  • We support local businesses in Tamil Nadu for our freight needs from hub to port. Our marketing, stationery and other printing needs are also taken care of by a local business in Tamil Nadu. We believe in supporting as many local businesses as we can where our hubs are based.




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