People Matter

Our greatest business asset is our people. Most of the women we work with have never been to school and have rarely had paid work. Women were occupied with serving their husbands, children and extended family in the home, laboured in fields, or walked the family cow or goat and sold milk for income.

We provide stable work and income. Our hubs are supportive and safe places women can come together to gain world-class hand knitting skills and education. They learn mathematics and to read English. Any problems, disputes, or personal and work-related issues are worked out collaboratively. We are building a sisterhood of strong business women.

Our hub work practices ensure we retain staff because they feel happy and valued. There are promotion pathways for those who wish to advance their skills and responsibilities. Staff retention is good for the fashion industry as we grow a highly-skilled, large team of artisans who make garments to exacting high standards.

Our production method gives each hand knitter responsibility for the whole garment. One woman makes a garment from the first stitch to the last. We don’t have a conveyor-belt style of production because we believe in giving women the skills to make an entire garment. This means our hand knitters are not units of production, they are people empowered to have highly advanced skills. With full-time work for women, we are breaking the poor economic and education outcomes in rural villages and bringing gender equality.



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