Our Team

Danielle Chiel, Founder KOCO


At the age of 10, Danielle was taught to knit by her grandmother, Pearl, and instantly fell in love with it. After a career in teaching and a PhD in musicology, Danielle returned to this love, opening a fashion store specialising in hand knits. Initially, locals knitted for her but industrial changes sent her off shore. Refusing to use established mass production practices, she travelled to India to find another solution. Once there she worked with women in Tamil Nadu to establish her first knitting hub and KOCO was born.

Abbie Macartney, Business Development 

Abbie lives in Scotland and is our coordinator extraordinaire. She navigates different time zones, currencies, and languages, and brings everything together beautifully. 

Beulah PremaKumari, Organisation Queen 

Beulah manages the operations in India. She’s the most organised administrator we have ever known.

Anita Younge, Freight Queen 

Anita looks after all the freight and all the yarn. We don’t envy her job, please send her any complaint that you like.

Rebecca Cox, Head of Content

Rebecca calls herself Head of Content but is also the person who sets up multiple empty Excel spreadsheets, creates too many Powerpoint presos, and is slightly obsessed with iterating and reiterating how-to Word docs. She comes to KOCO after years in consumer publishing, and is thrilled to be working for a B Corp with a social purpose.

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