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Be part of the creative movement transforming the fashion world with hand-knitted garments made by artisans. 

Members of the KOCO Designer-Fashion Club receive multiple benefits, including exclusive access to pre-release fashions, special club discounts and access to custom-made artisan fashions.

KOCO – changing the world of fashion, one garment, one artisan and one consumer at a time.

Increasingly consumers want to know more about how their clothing is made… 

  • What sustainable practices are behind the fashion labels?
  • How do fashion brands care for the artisans who make the garments? 
  • How does the slow fashion movement impact the lives of those who love to wear, and create beautiful fashion?

KOCO brings you an exciting new opportunity to be part of the care and creativity of artisan-created fashion.

KOCO Designer-Fashion Club member benefits:

  • Exclusive access to garments from famous brands in pre-release viewings
  • Custom, hand-made garments to suit you and your lifestyle
  • Regular online access to special events:
    • Meet the designers 
    • Chat with our artisan knitters
    • Collaborate with others in the sustainable and ethical fashion movements
  • Bespoke concierge access to your own artisan made collections
  • Special discounts on limited edition fashions
  • Be a part of empowering the livelihoods of artisan communities
  • Support for the movement of sustainable fashion and ethical production



$9.99 per month or $99 per year.



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