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In Good Company: Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

Are you seeking a standout sustainable, bespoke artwork for your company? Sourcing ethical workwear garments? Or are you simply looking for a corporate gift that represents your company’s commitment to sustainability and embodies a range of vital corporate social responsibility principles?

 You’re in the right place.

At KOCO, we can handknit anything, for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Why KOCO for corporate gifts?

With the rise and rise of corporate social responsibility comes the opportunity to create something truly meaningful. Wool is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. And by choosing to work with KOCO, you will also become part of our story, directly contributing to employment, education, and the transformation of the economy in rural villages in Southern India. 

 Stuck for ideas? 

 Bespoke Corporate Artworks

Imagine a striking hand-knitted wall hanging, telling the story of your company. Or a portrait of your founder, or the first product you ever made. A bespoke corporate artwork by KOCO speaks volumes for your company’s commitment to sustainability and social justice.

We recently worked with global leaders in glass technology, NSG, to create a significant piece of knitted art for its European headquarters, a giant 12 square metre wall mural that depicts its UN Sustainable Development Goals.  The finished product is remarkable!





Ethical Workwear

Is your company committed to sourcing high quality, ethical workwear? A hand knitted jumper or vest from KOCO would enable staff to physically represent, and feel personally involved in, that commitment.  

Each piece arrives with a swing tag that includes a picture of the knitter and an opportunity to learn a little more about her life.  

Wearing a piece of quality, sustainable clothing means staff feel great about themselves and the company for which they work. 


Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts 

If you're looking for a unique, eco-friendly and sustainable corporate gift, we can handknit that for you, too.

KOCO’s top selling corporate gift product is our signature hand knitted bees, which companies order to distribute to staff, clients, suppliers, and corporate partners.

So whether you are saying thank you for ‘beeing’ so loyal, or inviting a prospect to “bee”come a part of your company’s family, KOCO’s bees will make a lasting impression.  

KOCO’s handknitted bees are small, and lightweight, making them cost-effective and a breeze to distribute. 

knitted bee box
knitted bee

Custom Corporate Gifts

If you have an idea for a custom corporate gift, get in touch. Think logos, miniature products, 3D letters, if you can envision it, we can hand knit it! 



A knitted object is unique and communicates more than can ever be expressed in words.

 Come, work with us.

The mural KOCO created for us is now proudly hanging in our European headquarters, telling the story of our commitment to the planet and to social equality for future generations of our workforce. It is the perfect picture to accompany our vision of
“Changing our surroundings, improving our world”.
(John Wilgar, Chief Procurement Officer , NSG)


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