Our artisans

We define an artisan as a person who makes material objects exclusively by hand. Our artisans are skilled in the art and science of hand knitting.
As artisans we do not use machinery in our manufacturing, nor in the finishing of our garments.
We create precisely made garments with skilled artisans who have formed a supportive sisterhood.

Our swing tags

Each hand knitted product includes a swing tag which encourages customers to meet the lady who made that very item from the first stitch to the last. On the front is her photo, and the back a QR code which can be scanned by any smart phone.

Our ladies are highly trained in the art of hand knitting and our manufacturing method respects the maker at every step. Including swing tags with our garments will mean the global fashion community can experience, connect and transform lives with your brand.

Every garment is made by one person. We do not have a factory or conveyor belt system - one person making a sleeve, one person making a front, another a back, and another sewing the pieces together.

Giving each hand knitter the knowledge to make a whole garment not only ensures we grow her hand knitting expertise, but we also build problem-solving skills, a sense of responsibility and pride for her work. This one lady - one garment method makes each garment an outstanding example of quality.

Our ladies are so pleased to place their own swing tag with each garment before it’s shipped to buyers around the world.

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